Extra Heatle Rod

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Color: Black

All orders of the Heatle Starter Set already include one Heatle Rod.

This additional rod can be purchased as an option, for example as a replacement, or if an additional rod is needed for the Duo function, or if you want to continue using the Heatle while one rod is in the dishwasher.

Important: the rod may not be used without a Heatle Disc (size S, M or L). If the rod is not purchased as a replacement, but additionally for Duo functionality, an additional disc is required (for Duo, both discs must be the same size).

  • Smart, battery-free rod with integrated temperature sensor and wireless data transmission via BLE based on patented design.
  • Charges automatically when heated via the existing induction field and reliably sends the data to the base
  • Metal tube and contact plate made of pure stainless steel
  • Top handle with red LED that lights up during operation
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

The heating disc is not included in the price and can (or must for Duo) be purchased separately. The rods can be tried at our Berlin showroom.

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