A world's first from Germany 🇩🇪

Heatle is changing the way we heat liquids. For good.

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A world's first from Germany 🇩🇪

Heatle is changing the way we heat liquids. For good.

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"I'm boundlessly extatic"

Customer Michael Ludwig on Trustpilot

Unique Nordic design

Patented German technology

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Your next kettle

is not a kettle.

The Heatle is the world's first induction based immersion heater - a premium device "Made in Germany" with revolutionary technology.

The elegant eye-catcher heats your liquids quickly and gently - whether hot tea at perfect temperature or lukewarm baby milk in seconds, cocoa, coffee, mulled wine, noodle soup and much more.

Thanks to our "heat what you need" philosophy you save up to 85% of the energy. And because your Heatle replaces several electrical devices, there's less e-waste and more space - whether in the kitchen, in the office, on the bedside table or in the mobile home.

Let yourself be enchanted - you will be amazed!



Only your Heatle can do all this

Simply clean

Enjoy the purest taste without BPA, microplastics and lime flakes in your drink. Save energy, space and nerves.

Simply precise

Always heat only the desired amount to the perfect temperature (30-100°C) directly in the vessel.

Simply versatile

Works with all liquids (water, baby milk, mulled wine, bouillon...) in all non-metallic containers.

Simply comfortable

Fast, quiet, easy to clean and transport, simple and intuitive to use for everyone.

Easily expandable

Easily install new accessories (such as egg cooker or hot water bottle) and updates using the optional app.

Enjoy pure taste

with a clear conscience

I want one

More peace, sustainability

and quality of life

I deserve it


Heatles sold throughout Europe

Rated excellent by real customers

We love our Heatle. It hardly takes up any space in our small kitchen and looks fantastic.



Heatle is what I've been missing so much in the home office. Heat, keep warm, enjoy. Thanks!!!



I love using it on the patio. And when the tea cools down - whoosh, I'll warm it up again. Great!



Such a useful invention. Great that you implemented it. Keep it up, we love our Heatle!



I am in a wheelchair and Heatle has improved my life tremendously. I'll never scald myself on the kettle again.



How does the °C display on a traditional kettle help me when I drink from the cup? Heatle is just awesome.



The duo mode is awesome and saves a lot of time! My husband and I are absolutely delighted. Thank you, Heatle!



In my small coffee shop, I discover amazing new ways to brew coffee with Heatle every day.



As an engineer, I am enthusiastic about the implementation. Elegant and high quality. Fantastic work!



Let's make the world a better place.

One cup at a time.

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