The Heatle revolution, heating with German ingenuity

Heatle's story is more than just a tale of technological innovation. It's a testament to resilience, precision, and the relentless pursuit of revolutionizing induction technology.

  • Device information

    • Temperature: 30 - 100 °
    • Capacity: 50 - 1000 ml
    • Material: Oak, stainless steel
    • Voltage: 220 - 240v

The magic of induction

The concept is simple yet revolutionary: combine a special metal disc with the efficiency and energy of induction, and voilá: the revolutionary magic of rapid heating

  • The Heatle rod

    This stick with a smart sensor communicates with the Heatle via Bluetooth. It tells the device when your drink is ready. Place it in the cup for the heating to start.

  • The Heatle disc

    Via the magnetic metal disc, your drink heats up. It connects to the device and transfers the heat directly into your cup.

Proudly designed & engineered in Berlin