Heatle Pad

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Color: Black

From 2 pieces each pad costs only €7,50.

The Heatle Pad is an optional accessory made of high-quality, food-safe silicone elastomer (similar to pastry moulds). The velvety soft pad has many practical advantages:

  • Anti-slip function; especially important for glass vessels, as they can otherwise slide on the Heatle's glass surface, especially if the bottom is not dry
  • Prevents scratches or other damage from vessels with rough bottoms, such as ceramic cups or stoneware, which can occur when placing or moving vessels on the Heatle glass surface
  • Prevents fingerprints and lime/water stains on the Heatle glass
  • Can be used in a variety of ways, such as a tray for the hot and wet rod
  • Can prevent vibrations-related noises


  • Top side matte with high-gloss logo
  • Underside matte, nubbed
  • Ultra thin (<1mm)
  • Food safe
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Temperature resistant up to approx. 160°C

We have already produced and tested numerous pads. They can be tried out at our Berlin showroom.

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