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Heatle Premium Set

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German engineering meets elegant Nordic design. Our revolutionary induction technology heats liquids quickly and energy-savingly to the desired temperature directly in the vessel.

Strictly limited quantities. Delivery from December 11, 2023.

With the Premium Set you get everything you need to immerse yourself in the Heatle universe - and stay there for the long term, because the set includes exactly the accessories that most of our customers subsequently order.

The Premium Set includes everything from the Classic Set:

  • Heatle Model One induction base in selected color
  • Battery-free rod with Bluetooth and temperature sensor
  • Magnetic, removable heating disc with 45mm diameter (size M) - the all-rounder for most containers (except baby bottles)
  • High-quality, plastic-free product/gift box
As well as the following content that the Classic Set does not have:
  • Rotary knob made of either real European oak or polished stainless steel
  • Magnetic, removable heating disc with 55mm diameter (size L) - ideal for larger amounts of water or vessels with thicker bottoms
  • A glass tray made of high-quality Pyrex glass (borosilicate) and a removable silicone cover in Heatle color matches each of the two trays.
  • Heatle Pad (silicone mat), our best-selling accessory, which protects the glass surface and is versatile

Additional rods and discs in other sizes and other accessories can be purchased separately. The rods and discs will not work on any other induction cooktop.

  • Temperature range: 30-100°C (selectable in steps of 1-5-10)
  • Base diameter: 188mm
  • Base height: 70mm (with feet)
  • Rod: 260mm
  • Maximum power: 2,000 watts, varies dynamically depending on distance and disc size
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Heating capacity: 50ml-1l (maximum depends on the thickness of the vessel bottom and the disc size used)
  • Thickness of the vessel base: 2mm-35mm (induction = the heating process is faster with a thinner base or larger heating disc)
  • Weight: 2kg without accessories and packaging
  • Frequency range: ISM 2.4GHz BlueTooth Smart (BLE)
  • Plug is determined depending on delivery address (DE, CH and UK plugs available)
  • Customization, your own presets, new functions, updates, recipes and much more. via the Heatle Mobile App (iOS & Android, coming in 2024)
  • Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Knob (depending on set/purchase):
    Oak wood (solid, oiled), stainless steel (radially polished) or polycarbonate with wood look (in the Classic Set)
  • Rod: Stainless steel with polycarbonate handle
  • Discs: Stainless steel
  • Packaging: Corrugated cardboard and bagasse, plastic-free and recyclable
Money-back warranty

We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee while you wait for your Heatle and within the 14-day cancellation period after receiving the Heatle, as usual in online retail.

The refund will be made within 30 days in the same way you paid.

Additional charge for white

Most of our customers order a black Heatle. Therefore, we have standardized our production for the black version and therefore produce black devices as standard. Since the white parts are produced in smaller quantities, they are correspondingly more expensive. Changing to white also requires a lot of manual work from our production experts in the Berlin factory.

    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set
    Heatle Premium Set

    Real customer testimonials

    We love our Heatle. It takes up hardly any space in our small kitchen and looks fantastic.

    Manuel, NRW

    Heatle is what I missed so much when working from home. Heat up, keep warm, enjoy. Thank you!!!

    Zeeshan, Hessen

    I love using it on the terrace. And when the tea cools down - and voila, I warm it up again. Great!

    Heiko, Berlin

    Such a useful invention. Great that you implemented it. Keep it up, we love our Heatle!

    Britta, Berlin

    I am in a wheelchair and Heatle has improved my life enormously. I'll never scald myself on the kettle again.

    Rebekah, England

    How does the °C display on the kettle help me when I drink from the cup? Heatle is just awesome.

    Hakim, Frankreich

    The duo mode is awesome and saves a lot of time! My husband and I are absolutely thrilled. Thanks, Heatle!

    Caro, Brandenburg

    In my little café I discover great new ways to brew coffee with Heatle every day.

    Wouter, Netherlands

    Als Ingenieur bin ich von der Umsetzung begeistert. Elegant und hochwertig. Fantastische Arbeit!

    Oleg, Berlin