April 2022 Update

April 2022 Update

After solving multiple problems related to the market situation, like component shortages and price hikes, which caused all sorts of havoc, we have finally managed to lay our hands on enough components to make another batch.

Heatle Production: Next batch in progress now

Our EMS partner (Electronics Manufacturing Service, in Germany) is managing the series production of this batch. The PCBs are created and assembled in professional clean rooms, using state-of-the-art machines, operated by their professional team. They have allowed us to quality check the batch. We took the opportunity to take some photos.

Photo: David checking PCBs as they come out of the machine on a conveyor belt.

Although we were subjected to numerous delays, one positive outcome is that the final product quality will be even better, because we used the time to do further testing and optimisation taking into account all the customer feedback from the earlier batches that were delivered. To give you an idea, we managed to improve the main outer casing, user interface led display, glass top and the main pcb which was iterated 4 times during this period. The software inside the Heatle also received numerous updates and features as requested, such as Duo Mode for 2 cups.

QA (quality assurance) checking at our EMS company in Germany.

Hai, our engineer, on site at the EMS company, testing software and BLE Bluetooth connectivity. It's working well, as expected.

David, our chief engineer, on site at the EMS company, checking PCBs from the series production.

Optical checking as performed by a state-of-the-art, imaging machine. Every Heatle PCB goes through this machine to check for any possible defects.

Heatle PCBs waiting for optical checking. At the heart of every Heatle, the main printed circuit board.

Further challenges and next steps

Although there is positive news about the Heatle production, we are still waiting for certain deliveries, such as the packaging, for example. By packaging we mean the recycled brown boxes which the Heatle is placed into for shipping, along with the Rod, Disk, Tray etc., including the user manual. The paper industry has also been adversely affected by the corona crisis, with delays and price hikes. Metal and wood also have seen significant problems. Luckily, we have managed to find alternative sources for these materials within Europe.

Also, we are still waiting for deliveries of other chips, micro controllers and BLE, meaning we have to continue production in batches as and when the components get delivered to us. How big the batches will be and when exactly they will take place depends on the timing and quantity of deliveries. As always, we will inform you regularly and transparently about this.

In the next few days, the PCBs for the new batch will be completed, after which we will proceed to the assembly of the respective devices.

New accessories available in the store

Now that the machines are freshly set up for us again is an optimal time to change colors or quantities of parts produced, or to order additional parts.

If you want to make sure you have everything you need on the delivery date without having to wait several weeks for accessories, we recommend pre-ordering now.


Extra Heatle Rod

The rod measures the temperature and transmits the data wirelessly to the base. Each rod is equipped with state-of-the-art, battery-free technology that harvests energy from the induction field to power itself. Handy for Duo mode, or to have a spare rod in case the usual one is in the dishwasher.



Extra Heatle Disc

Each disc is made of induction grade stainless steel, with a high quality food-safe design and integrated magnet. There are 3 disc sizes: small, medium and large. The medium disc has a diameter of 45mm. We recommend this size for most common cups, glasses, etc. Currently only this size is available.


Extra Single Tray

For the middle disc (45mm). Made of premium Tritan material, equipped with 4 non-slip silicone rubber feet. Specially designed for hot, humid heating discs to cool down and dry.



Heatle Pad

Made of high quality food grade silicone elastomer material (similar to baking pans). It is dishwasher safe and can withstand high temperatures without deforming. It is ultra thin and soft to the touch, with a smooth matte finish and a clear glossy logo on the top.



Check out our value bundles in our shop, in case you want to combine some parts.


Accessories survey results

We are lucky to have such an active and engaged community helping us design and optimise the Heatle. We are proud that we can develop useful, sustainable products with you all. Our last update came with a survey for accessory directions which we are aiming for next. Here are the results after nearly 5,000 of you went through the questions

  • Smart egg boiling functionality is interesting for 65% of you.
  • Hot-water bag: 60%
  • Steaming: 49%
  • Water bath: 71%
  • Tea filter: 75%

Thanks to your input in the last section, we received many new ideas and even made new discoveries, for example that devices like Thermomix are being frequently used to prepare eggs.

The results coincide with our prediction for the product and accessory roadmap, meaning we will continue to focus on the tea filter, water bath and eggs while scaling up mass production for the main device.

First live stream and virtual demo completed

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have come across our announcements for our first virtual tours and demo. If you don’t follow us there yet, come and join today.


Since some of you cannot physically visit us at our showroom and are itching to ask us some questions, we decided to offer live sessions to answer any queries and show the inner workings of our company.

We broadcast the live sessions in 2 separate runs, one in German and one in English. Even if you missed a stream, you can find the full recordings on our Instagram channel.

Here are some of the questions we received and answered or demonstrated:

  • Can I still change my Heatle’s colour?
  • How much energy is being used for a cup?
  • How long does it take to heat a standard cup?
  • Will you be selling accessories like glass pots and cups from the Instagram stories?
  • Can I have my Heatle with a short power cable?
  • Which cups/vessels are possible?
  • What can the app do?
  • Which colour options are there?
  • Can you show the white display?
  • Will my double-walled pot work as well?

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