Color: Black
Knob: Oak wood
Tray: Tritan
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Heat liquids conveniently, precisely and save energy.

Real oak wood

The high-quality control knob of the Heatle is made of sustainable, European oak wood (solid, multi-oiled), is an absolute eye-catcher and radiates warmth and serenity. Each Heatle is thus as unique as its owner.

Smart Rod

Heat-resistant handle with integrated LED (operating light) and built-in BLE antenna for wireless transmission of temperature.

Powerful and compact

The world's smallest induction hob with up to 2,000 watts of power. High-quality, matt surface without cast seams (dividing lines) in black and white.

Temperature sensor

The bar contains patented electronics that work completely without batteries. The sensor measures the temperature inside the vessel and transmits it wirelessly to the base. There is only stainless steel in the drink.

Pure white LED matrix

Easy, intuitive menu navigation thanks to high-quality LED dot matrix (display) in a modern, unobtrusive style.



Just your temperature

What's the point of having an "exact temperature" in a kettle if you're going to transfer the water anyway?

Save yourself 10-15% of energy right away. Your Heatle measures the temperature directly in the vessel and automatically stops when it's reached.

Partner-Mode: on

In Duo mode and with two Heatle rods, you simply heat two cups (same liquid and quantity) simultaneously - without a teapot.

Exactly what you need

Forget about the minimum filling quantities of kettles. Or that you heat significantly more water so that the limescale doesn't slosh into your cup.

With the Heatle, you finally heat only the amount you need - from babies to the whole family. For larger quantities and vessels, we recommend our extra-large heating disc.

Smart & versatile

Some things should not be heated directly with a heating element. Even if it's delicious.

With Heatle, that will soon work, too. Then you can heat baby food, chocolate coating and everything that needs indirect heating and should be at the right temperature.

And there is so much more

Drinks are just the beginning.
Look forward to countless extensions such as mocha cookers, hot water bottles, egg cookers and an app with even easier settings for your Heatle.

We love our Heatle. It hardly takes up any space in our small kitchen and looks fantastic.



Heatle is what I was missing so much in the home office. Heat, keep warm, enjoy. Thank you!!!



I love to use it on the terrace. And when the tea cools down - poof, I warm it up again. Top!



Such a useful invention. Great that you have implemented it. Keep it up, we love our Heatle!



I am in a wheelchair and Heatle has improved my life enormously. I never scald myself on the kettle anymore.



How does the °C display on a traditional kettle help me when I drink from the cup? Heatle is just awesome.



Upgrade your Heatle

Extra Heatle DiscExtra Heatle Disc
Extra Heatle Disc Sale priceFrom 15 €
Heatle PadHeatle Pad
Heatle Pad Sale price9 €
Extra Heatle RodExtra Heatle Rod
Extra Heatle Rod Sale price45 €


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