Warteliste voll

Vielen Dank für euer enormes Interesse an unserer nachhaltigen Innovation! Die Warteliste für den anstehenden Vorverkauf ist voll und man kann sich nicht mehr registrieren. Der nächste Verkauf ist für's Frühjahr 2024 geplant.

Falls du dennoch definitiv ein Gerät erwerben möchtest, schicke uns eine kurze Email und wir schauen, was sich machen lässt.

Last chance for 2023!

only €199

per Heatle when purchasing 2 or more Heatles; otherwise

only €225

SRP €299. Delivery in May-June 2023.
Your Heatle is Made in Germany.


Heatles already sold

How does the presale work?

Join the waiting list and you will receive further information regarding the date and time of the advance sale as well as the discount code in the next few days to get the special price in the shopping cart.

It is about the last production for 2023. The next batch will not be produced and delivered until 2024, then without a waiting period, but at an SRP of €299.

Why is the batch limited?

Many state-of-the-art chips are installed in your Heatle, which are also used by global corporations such as Sony or Bosch. Due to the well-known chip crisis, we ordered these important components 12-24 months in advance without knowing if, when and how many will come to us.

For the more than 8000 Heatles that have already been sold, lwe were lucky enough to receive enough components in 2022 and start our production in Berlin. But a new, smaller contingent surprisingly arrived in January 2023. Since the demand is still very high, we are still producing as many devices in 2023 for this last batch as we have received new chips - so the current production will be extended a bit. After that, production will be paused for a longer period of time until enough critical components are in stock again.