July 2022 Update

Juli 2022 Update

Our production continues steadily throughout the summer, the components continue to arrive somewhat dictating our production rate, but things are looking good, deliveries arriving each week without major delays and we continue to make solid progress. To increase our assembly capacity we are moving into a large, specialised facility to build up a professional assembly line. This will allow us to maintain the premium quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Things are moving ahead well, but we are going to speed up our processes very soon and fulfil the orders faster and more efficiently over the next months.

Good keep coming in

We rented an entire floor in an industrial building to store the packaging, components and parts that keep coming in whilst our new office and production facilities are being reconstructed.

We are still waiting for many more parts to arrive in the next weeks, and it looks like most of them will be more or less on time without major delays unlike last year.

"Heatle Factory" construction in progress

As you may have read in our previous update and seen in our Instagram stories, we are getting ready to move into a new, large building where we will set up a professional assembly and production line to ramp up our production capacities.

The new building is perfect for our purposes. It has a lot of storage and production space, it is large, bright and well connected. We are lucky to have found it, and as you can see, the work is already in progress with roughly a third of it being done.

Our office and demo kitchen will be situated in a separate room next to the production hall, so you can continue to visit us and try out the newest features and accessories.

Production is ongoing without breaks

Despite the holidays, heat waves, Covid and other external factors, we do our best to maintain an ongoing production throughout this difficult time with our small, but very dedicated team. Whilst we are waiting for the professional facilities described above, we are bound to the limited production space in our co-working premises, which means we cannot produce large numbers just yet, however we are able to produce steadily while paying attention to detail and quality.

Mai keeps an eye on the quality of the technology inside the Heatle, running tests and assuring maximum quality and safety of all outgoing devices. The mechanical assembly can only start after she has ticked all the QA boxes and given a green light to the assembly team.

Tiffany takes care of the final QA after assembly and before packaging, making sure the user interface works well, the knob is perfectly calibrated, and that there are no scratches or other cosmetic issues with your device.

In other news

Our valued, patient customers visit us regularly to have a nice cup of tea and check our progress. Our sustainable packaging is being very well received; here you can see one of our Berlin-based customers, Tobias, standing next to our exhibition space with the automated Heatle test rig. Thanks for allowing us to take and post a photo!

We’re becoming a GmbH! David and Wachtang signed the documents to transform the company into BrandBrandNew GmbH, witnessed by the notary public and our trusted companion Maggie.

Heatle has always been about family, and this lovely family came all the way from Vietnam (12.000km away from Berlin) to visit their children and our dear employees Hai and Mai who you already know from previous updates. We used the opportunity to have an early celebration of the famous Moon Festival by eating original moon cake and drinking original Vietnamese tea freshly prepared with our Heatles. We will share the recipe on Instagram shortly.

Thank you for your ideas and suggestions for various accessories and materials. We keep experimenting with your innovations. Please keep sending us your thoughts and wishes so we can make them public and get everyone’s opinion on the future development of Heatle.

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